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Saturday's Sunflowers - Original Impressionist Style Oil Painting of Sunflowers - Flower Painting

"Saturday's Sunflowers"
16" x 20" Oil on stretched canvas.
Available through www.KimVanDerHoek.com

After painting this same group of sunflowers on May 14th  I decided I wanted to have another go at them on a larger canvas. I had two reasons for this - one, I wanted to explore this subject during a longer painting session and really get into the nitty-gritty of the arrangement and number two, to cheer myself up by painting something I don't get the chance to paint very often.

I had the flu a few weeks ago and have finally recovered. My kids have all been sick and now my husband has it. Needless so say, I haven't really left the house much. That combined with not painting for several weeks tends to make me grumpy and a bit squirrelly. Fortunately, these beautiful blooms were just what the doctor ordered!

There are still a couple of spots open in my June plein air (outdoor) oil painting class. Don't wait to sign up, class starts next week and this one will be my only plein air class for the next few months. Each week we meet in different locations in the OC every Thursday in June from 9:30-12:30. To get more information and to read what my former students have said about my class go to www.KimVanDerHoek.com .

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