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Path to El Moro Cove - Oil

"Path to El Moro Cove" - Available at Chemers Gallery - 17300 Seventeenth St., Suite G • Tustin, CA 92780 • 714.731.5432

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Thursday, June 16, 2011 Issue of Informed Collector - "Plein air work with a lyrical quality and energetic brush work, drawing us in for a long, lingering, introspective visit."

Michael Gormley, RayMarArt Judge for March 2011 - "An honest take on the landscape we might pass by every day. It finds a beauty in the forms of industry and the human presence. Like a visual interpretation of Willa Cather's abstracted description of the plow in My Antonia, the painting show's how man's presence and nature's power push and counterbalance."

My painting "Locally Grown" was a finalist in the June 2011 issue of American Artist Magazine for their annual cover competition.

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